Totes & Makeup Bags

Totes & Makeup Bags

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Totes and Makeup Bags


Totes & Makeup Bags 

Tote bags and makeup bags are useful staples for ladies to have on hand. They make transporting items and staying organized easier and keep you looking stylish. You don’t have to resort to a grocery store tote! Each is an open pouch but on a different scale. Helping you get all your necessities to work, school, and more. Makeup bags help keep your cosmetics organized and your bathroom vanity clear. Plus, make it easier to pack when you’re traveling. The versatility of the items is why they’re such a great Christmas gift idea.  
Here we have put together our selection of holiday totes and cosmetic pouches. Filled with trendy printed and embroidered bags with cute seasonal designs, fabric materials, and patterns suited to the entire winter season. Perfect for Christmas, but some designs are cute and general enough to use the bag year-round. Plus, the designs can be personalized with a name or monogram. The personalization can be custom printed or embroidered depending on the style of the tote or makeup bag.  
Best of all, at Christmas both the totes and makeup bag can be a dual-purpose gift. The festive totes and pouches can be used a reusable gift bag. Either as part of a larger gift, you can fill the makeup bag with makeup with products or other accessories, like brushes and tote bags make a fabulous reusable gift bag. Saving you some time and a fight with the wrapping paper.  


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