Can Drink Holders

Can Drink Holders

Drink holders are awesome because they have a lot of different benefits. 

They keep your beverages cooler for longer, keep your hands condensation-free, and are an easy way to mark your drink. They’re especially great if it’s an outdoor party. The sleeve fits onto cans, and bottles so you can use it for soda beverages, beer, and coolers. Plus, they’re reusable. When the holder isn’t being used, you only have to collapse it and can be stored easily for later use.

Our selection of neoprene foam drink holders offers a wide selection of colors and designs so you can pick a holder that’s perfect for your party décor or theme. Each design includes a personalization space for you to add custom printed details, like the event name, occasion date, the couple’s names, or the recipient’s name or initials. Our designs include a range of occasions and messages to fit different parties. Available at a cheap price, you can easily get enough drink holder sleeves to large gatherings with a large guest list or a small intimate party like a back yard barbecue. They’re fun inexpensive favors your guests can use at the party and then take home with them.


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