Beer Glasses, Steins & Mugs

Custom & Printed Beer Glasses, Beer Mugs & Beer Steins

Quench everyone’s thirst at your next big bash with these personalized beer mugs, glasses and steins made from quality glass.

Choose the style or styles that best suit your special occasion. Weddingstar gives you several options, including large size steins and mugs with sturdy handles for keeping mug contents steady as you drink. Classic pilsner and pint glasses are appreciated by those who enjoy standard and craft brews. And there are fun styles such as our can-shaped glasses, which bring a whimsical touch to any celebratory gathering. Keep in mind that these glasses can also be used for any type of favorite beverage, including soda and milkshakes.
Personalization for these beer glass designs range from a simple monogrammed initial to amusing sayings that leave room to add one or two lines of unique text. This uniqueness is what makes your glass choice an extra special keepsake for a couple, groomsmen or partygoers. They also work as a gift idea, since all of our designs make great gifts for any occasion.


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