Fabric Favour Bags & Pouches

Fabric Favour Bags & Pouches

Party favours are always a nice way for the host to thank their guests for coming. Depending on the type of party and number of guests, they can be a small token, a meaningful keepsake, a bag of goodies like candy or other treats, or even an assortment of small gifts if the guest list is smaller. Here we have a series of different decorative fabric pouches and bags to present your guest favours.

Drawstring pouches are a simple, elegant favour holder. They’re awesome because they’re inexpensive and easy to use, with no additional wrapping required but you can customise them with small flourishes or tags if you wish. Depending on your needs we have a selection of beautiful cheap-priced pouches available in different materials and styles so you can find the one that works best for your party theme, the décor, or the type of favour.

The drawstring pouches aren’t just for the wedding favours either. Check out our cute, novelty hangover survival kit bags. These are great for your bachelorette party favours in particular. You can fill it with a bunch of different items to help your bridal party through the day after the celebrations! If you’ve decided on gift basket arrangement of favours for a smaller sized party, like the bridal shower or a birthday, a nice tote bag works great for holding all the different favour gift elements. Not only does it look charming, but the tote bag is a gift in its own right.

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