Stocking Holders

Stocking Holders 

Custom stocking holders are an awesome way to personalize your Christmas stockings in a less permanent way. Instead of having each family member’s name or monogram directly on the stocking, you can engrave or print your chosen custom text on the holder instead. Then you have the freedom to change out your stockings next December if you want. Don't settle for the same old color scheme or feel stuck with the same old décor year after year, matching your Christmas decorations to the stockings because they have everyone’s names on them. Instead, you can update your Christmas décor without worrying over how your Christmas stockings will fit in and still have a special stocking for each person in your family, even your pet! This is especially great if stockings are a strong tradition in your family or your family is growing. You can have stockings that complement the decorations around them and still have a beautiful way to personalize them.  
Each holder comes with a weighted cast iron base and a personalized insert. The inserts have the same size dimensions but are different materials. Choose from acrylic and wood options to find the ones that will look best in your home. Then pick a festive design. Depending on the material of the insert designs are printed or engraved on the front.  
With the weighted cast iron base, fireplace mantles aren’t the only place to hang your stockings (especially if you don’t have a fireplace in your home). You can place the holders on shelves, end tables, stocking ladders with flat rungs, and even on the end of stairs on your staircase. The stocking holders make it easy to effortlessly style your Christmas stockings.  


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