Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings 

Christmas stockings are a long-held tradition that has transformed over time from regular socks to large decorative stockings filled with small gifts, treats, and toys. Now, much like the Christmas tree, they have become a decorative cornerstone of your festive holiday décor. Depending on a family’s holiday traditions there are different approaches you can take when choosing your Christmas stockings.  
First is choosing stockings with an individual in mind. Explore our different stocking categories to find stockings in a color, design, or pattern that best reflects each family member’s personality. Our stockings have unique fabric, patterns, and finishes, so you can find one that suits the family member it's for and at a cheap price. Depending on the chosen material and style of the stocking, they can be printed or embroidered to personalize them. Then add custom details like a name, nickname, monogram initials, or other brief text. In that way, the stocking can become a special part of the tradition. A stocking can mark a baby’s first Christmas with the family and as they grow up, the child can continue hanging it on the fireplace mantle every year. This gives the stocking significance beyond that first Christmas. That’s why our selection includes classic Christmas colors of red and green, festive characters like Santa and Rudolph, chic metallic accents, and more. 
The second consideration is how the stockings will look with the overall room aesthetics, especially when you've fully decked out your home for the holidays. Maybe you’re upgrading your Christmas decorations and want a stocking set that complements the surrounding décor. Whether choosing a single stocking or putting together a complete set, the stockings can be a focal point that draws the eye when hung on fireplace mantles, railings, or stocking ladders. A central element that you want to enhance, not detract, from your chosen decorative color scheme or theme. As the chief holiday decorator of the space, you’ll have to consider if a traditional red and green stocking set will blend seamlessly with the rest of your décor or clash with the surrounding mantle and fireplace decorations in white and silver. If you want simple, elegant designs, traditional snowflakes, cozy buffalo plaid patterns, or want some added sparkle with a metallic sequin cuff.  


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